Take 1 easy Health Step each day

Hopefully, more tips are coming soon.

Remember that your body needs ALLLL the parts that ALL those health engines need in order to run well.  How this wisdom escapes the majority of us is hard to understand..  If you forget to have your Corvette engine oil checked - a simple part the car needs - even a wonderful engine will start to work poorly, and soon. If you only give your older engine 3/4 of the oil it needs, eventually it will run out, and give you 'terrible side effects'. Therefore, since your body is much much more complex, doesn't it make sense to you that you need many more parts than a car ?

Try all the nutritionals on the first Home page, and see if just taking more parts makes your body work better, over a time period of maybe 90 days, and then email me and let me know. I teach that the worst that usually happens, if you overdo taking super healthy supplements, is that you get expensive pee, so there is not much to lose. Often your body will start to get healthier so slowly that you hardly notice it, but it is happening! If you are in somewhat of bad shape, it often works best to take only 1/2 the recommended amounts for the first week, and then go up. The experts say your body does not like fast changes, even if they are good changes - it is called 'Stasis'. Too much good at a time can give you headaches if your body has a lot it wants to repair.

101 Health Steps

Here is a summary of my 101 Easy Health Steps in an easy to understand way, and with a overview of the 'why', with wisdom in it. Our people are in a health crisis, and just like usual, no one big is doing enough about it yet. Maybe it is because no one has put it in easy enough terms yet, and made the fix easy enough to understand and to do.  Humans often seem to wait until things are a disaster before they decide to take strong action..

With low minerals, vitamins, and low trace minerals in our diets in America - esp. with low magnesium, copper, and selenium, we should expect an epidemic of heart problems. Oh wait, there is, isn’t there? With low antioxidants from not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and low magnesium, and healthy alkalinity being too low because of eating too much sugar, too much white flour, and drinking too much soda pop, and with too high toxins building up in the body from eating too many preservatives in foods, we should expect to see a high cancer rate in that population. ‘Oh wait, there is’. Maybe we should all start encouraging those we love to take action to fix it.

So let us use the creativity and moral strength we are so gifted with, and make the easy and necessary changes to fix these problems. Those I listed are EasyHealthSteps to make an easy large improvement in, and maybe we can just undo the errors that are listed above. Here are my suggestions - with deeper explanations for the items on my list on that first web page. Notice that health comes from a long time of making healthy choices. Usually it does not come from quick changes, although it will be wonderful fun if you make my easy health steps and you see great improvements in only 1 – 6 weeks. No matter what changes you see, or don’t see, ask friends and school teachers after a couple of months, and see if they have noticed anything. Often they notice things that we did not. After you have been on my top 5 EasyHealthSteps for 2 months, women will often say things like ‘I noticed that you have a healthy glow about you lately’, even before you ask them. One time a teacher wrote home, telling the mother how much her young daughter has improved in school in sitting still and in learning. I believe the student went up a whole grade point. The mother was ecstatic of course!, and told me about the letter.

I am embarrassed that I did not ask for a copy of that letter.. so please send me some when you get them! 

Let’s get started and easily improve our family’s health !! 

Remember your elderly parents also in this, since these things will often do the same for them.

Let me start with number two.

2. Add enough minerals and trace minerals into our diet so that our body can make all the repair parts it needs, and all the immune parts it needs. (see the Tangy Tangerine powder). This is especially dramatically critically and wonderfully important for our children. I recently visited an elementary school and by looking at the faces of the children, and how they lacked ‘that healthy glow’, I estimate that 50% of them are lacking enough minerals, trace minerals, and fish oil. Notice, that if I am correct, the symptoms would be an epidemic of attention span deficit, and slower learning abilities. See any? 

1. Add the Live vitamin powder, or some other natural vitamin which also has a wonderful powerful blend, and stop eating white breads, and preserved meats, as much as possible.

3. Omega3's. Add young fish weekly to your diet, or take Carlson Orange flavored fish oil. My kids love to chew them they taste so good, or Nordic Natural fish oil. Take them only weekly if you are on a very tight budget, but do get fish oil omega3’s into your diet. One capsule should do 2 or 3 children, and if you do all five of my suggestions here, you should see a school improvement and calmness in your children in 6 weeks time or less. Please email me with your fun testimonies. I will try to find a way to share them.

4. beta glucan.  The best quality I have found, is only at www.NSC24.com  in Regular, and Extra Strength. Often it is on sale, so check. They will send a free sample. It is important to have the correct sizing of beta glucan, so you body does not have to spend energy breaking down the big particles.

5. Take Vit. C 3-5 times daily - with meals, snacks, and fruit or food, to buffer your stomach. Experts says this both helps reduce your toxins and your mercury load - but ladies pay attention here!, it also helps keep your face, skin, and blood vessels younger if you also eat fresh fruit and veggies daily! For the married women I have a request - please write me and let me know if you husband compliments you more on your face or your soft skin, after a while of taking these 5 or 6 suggestions.  Note that Vit C disappears from the body after about 3 or 4 hours, hence the need to take it throughout the day!

6. If you are really committed to improving your health, purchase my $10, ‘Do Not Eat’ list to learn how to decrease the toxins coming into your diet.